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A site called Lifebooks tell folks the things they need to know in order to be an adult, ie:

The difference between this social network and those other ones is that this site does not spy on you, read your emails, track your phone, push politics, censor you, send your user statistics to marketing companies and abuse your privacy like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Linkedin, Instagram and those other sites do. Submit your tips via email and they will be automatically posted. Free email accounts and user websites are sponsored by our readers.



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What to teach kids to help them grow up in the 'real world':


It is rare for people to live past 30 and not know these things. Please help those, who may be too naive and uninformed to survive in the modern world, by sharing these tips:

- Every televised awards show is decided in advance via bribes and payola by the agents for the nominees. Nothing you see on a TV awards show is a true reflection of any kind of legitimate voting by any representative portion of the actual public.

- Hollywood and Silicon Valley are run by perverts, as the divorce court lawsuits and scandals in the news every week prove. They engage in sex cults, worker sex-ploitation and transaction-sex because they can get away with it and because they addicted to the power of controlling others. Most tech venture capitalists on Sandhill Road are sick sociopaths.

- Banking industry promotions and brain chemicals force you to want babies to maintain the species.

- Corporations hire people based on whether they "look" like the others there and not based on their skills.

- The cost to build a home is less than $30,000.00 anywhere in the USA. San Francisco and New York City people who pay millions of dollars for a house are just idiots. They are spoiled brats who have no idea how much things actually cost. All the materials for just about any size home you could want should never add up to more than $30,000.00. Learn the very basic skills you need to build your own home and build it. 90% of the people that build homes do not even know how to read. It is not hard to build a home. Spending millions of dollars for a box to live in is an open statement to the world that you are too dumb to exist and too rich to be considered anything but an asshole. Hire an electrical expert and a plumber for a few days to do the final things needed to wrap up the construction. Don't be a sucker and buy an existing home that costs 10 times less than you are paying. At the very least, a perfectly built manufactured home with everything you need already in it is less than $50,000.00 if you are really too lazy to build. Don't buy a million dollar sucker home!

- Millionaires have hundreds of service companies they hire in order to place hit-jobs and character assassinations on competitors and reporters. Companies like Kroll, Fusion GPS, PSOP, Black Cube, Gizmodo, Acronym, Plouffe Consulting, Shareblue, Podesta Group can easily end your life for a small fee. If they attack you, use their own tactics back at them.

- People using dating sites make 90% of their YES/NO decision based on your facial symmetry and bone structure in your face. 99% of a person's decision to date you is based on subconscious brain process (known as "chemistry") that almost nobody is aware of.

- "Face Faking" is what populars do to pretend like they are on top of the world. They are faking their happiness and their exaggerated expressions of delight and interest are just fake smiles to try to make you jealous and make them feel better than you. Call out "influencers" on the web in their comments section when they are Face Faking and pretending to be living large!

- When you have sex, chemicals like Oxytocin, in your brain, program you to do things, for up to a month afterwards, that you would never normally do. Brain chemicals can re-program your way of thinking and make you addicted to a person.

- Every "certified" rating service accepts bribes. Amazon "reviews", Yelp "reviews", "Diamond certified", Kelly Blue Book reviews, JD Powell Car Ratings, Consumer Reports, NY Times Book Ratings, Billboard Charts, Facebook "likes", Angies, All car rating services, etc, all have covert means to bribe their writers, editors and reviewers.

- People that post selfie's of themselves on the internet are mentally ill narcissists. If you wonder who professional narcissists are, look at the long vertical right side bar of celebrity idiots with no talent on

- Your elected officials are being bribed.They are bribed with: Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services "Donations"; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; "Consulting" contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced "Speaking Engagements" which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Private jet rides and use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists.

- The NSA records everything that is said on, or near, every electronic device and stores it for up to ten years. Your surveillance records are constantly scanned for thousands of 'red flag' words that you might utter and if you say one of these things, the surveillance on you is tripled, for life.

- The "Executive Producers" listed on all TV and Movie productions decide which subliminal social justice messages they want to embed in your entertainment media. Call them out in social media when they try to manipulate your ideology.

- Cures for AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Aging and other deadly diseases are working now in small university tests but politics, profiteering and bureaucracy are delaying them from getting to retail.

- Online dating can never work because it reduces men to just sex -searching and women to just high-income man searching and makes 2D images the facade for 3D people with decades of life experiences. 70% of online profiles are fake postings by organized off-shore scammer groups.

- You don't "NEED" a house. Bankers, realty groups and construction cartels make you think you need one in order to profit off your debt and fear of homelessness. Renting is the best value in a post-2008 world.

- Having children means you will never date, go out to a show, easily travel or own anything that isn't broken for the best years of your life.

- Google and Facebook DO spy on everything you do, analyze you, manipulate you and sell your info to political organizations.

- "Co-working spaces" are designed to sucker naive college kids, who are addicted to Frat House culture, and can't live without  an echo-chamber. Such spaces rarely generate anything useful.

- You can get all of the TV and Movies you want for less than $9.00 per month. Only idiots pay cable and media services $60.00+ per month for what everybody else gets for free or only a few bucks.

- Linux software computers are the most secure, have an interface exactly like MAC or Microsoft and all of the software is free. Only idiots that are too afraid of getting off the corporate leash use Apple or Microsoft.

- Every public camera shares its database with every other public camera and any large organization can watch you from camera to camera. So can a stalker, a foreign hacker or your ex-spouse.

- If you can't remove the battery from your phone, tablet or computer then the device can be monitoring you. The people who think they are not worth being surveilled are usually the ones being surveilled by large scanning organizations because uniformed people are the easiest to exploit.

- There are over a million books, news reports and Congressional investigations proving that everything on this list is true but people with a sheep-like disposition are afraid of the truth and like to exist in their bubble of fantasy. Those kinds of people eventually have a nervous break-down.

- Bippity-bop 'happy-go-luck'y people that have lived a sheltered life usually crash the hardest, eventually.

- Scopalomine and other drugs can be sprayed in a mist in front of you. When you are under the effect of these "Devil's Breath" drugs you will do anything you are told including robbery, gang rape participation and murder. Scopalomine is the #1 date rape drug in New York City and Silicon Valley.

- 10,000 years of cultural programming, since birth, in each generation, by any religious population cannot be changed unless you eliminate the institutions that teach it and no culture will do that.

- England invaded (colonially took over) Pakistan and India and now the immigrants from those nations have come back and taken over England as quid-pro-quo

- The stock market moves hundreds of trillions of dollars around, mostly to the 1%. What extremes do you think a 1%-er would go to to keep getting their private sex islands, jets, penthouse parties and controlling governments?

- Men will never stop being fixated on breasts because it is built into their genetic memory.

- Racial intolerance will never end because it is built into the cultural memory of humans.

- Your politicians are competing with your business and your job. You will usually find that the government bosses looking at your government filing are often hand-picked by your business adversaries. You will rarely find a single entity in government appeal for reviews or determinations who was not either: financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital services to. Never trust a politician because they make most of their money from stock market perks they get from rigging political decisions.

- In most major cities, hot girls have more sex than porn stars. Hot girls have thousands of men solicit them per week and porn stars only have agents book 3 to 4 sex acts per week. Porn stars equate sex with work and repetition and hot girls just do it for fun and free dinners.

- Businesses aren't constantly creating brand-new products — they just rebrand them.  "Former bath and body works associate here. The scents they "discontinue" will come back with a different name and new marketing. They're just recycling the scents. —xyenz08"

- Goodwill throws half of your donations away. "At goodwill 50% of what you donate ends up in the trash bc we don't have the space for it or we just deem it too ugly–89Oldsmobile"

- Restaurants are way, way overcharging you for wine. "The cheapest bottle of wine in the restaurant has the biggest markup.–ralimar"

- Ride operators can't simply change the laws of physics because customers want them to. "Amusement park ride operator here. If your kid is crying and you want us to stop the ride, even if we want to it's not gonna stop immediately. The carousel will spin a few more circles or the ship will swing a few more times before stopping. The only exceptions is the emergency stop which will absolutely fuck up the ride for a while if we press it. Hence we only use it in actual life threatening situations. The best thing you can do is try to get your kid to calm down as the ride comes to a stop and no, yelling "Stop the ride" at us does not make it stop any faster.–WhatUsernameDoIPut"

- You don't need a repair person when you have dish soap. "Construction boy here. If your windows or sliding doors are tough to open and close. 9 times out of 10, we put your own dish soap on tracks and the thing works perfectly. It take 5 minutes and we charge 150. Dish soap people, its better than wd40 sometimes–lyckadese"

- In case you weren't already aware, the weight loss industry is pretty much a scam. "Weight loss industry. This might be obvious, but most of our business comes from return clients after they've gained their weight back (and then some). To be clear, the plan isn't rigged to make you gain it back, but the fact that it happens easily as a result of dieting keeps us in business.–responsible_hedonist"

- Most of the fossils you see in museums aren't real. " I'm a fossil replicator and apparently the industry secret is the fact that we exist. So many people are blown away to learn that most fossils they see in museums are replicas. —Katy-L-Wood"

- Firefighters occasionally wing it. "Firefighters are trained on several areas and can specialize deeper into certain disciplines. Most of the emergencies we get called to are situations we have never been trained on, but with 4 of us on a firetruck we can normally figure out a solution.–roofshepard791"

- Musicians make most of their money from merch. " I'm a musician. It's not really a secret but 90% of our revenue is from merch. Spotify plays, show guarantees, etc. — everything is menial in comparison to shirt sales. In fact, a big reason bands tour as often as possible is because we can sell more shirts when we're in front of people. —loocaswoodland"

- Close your eyes: you're freaking out your hair stylist. "Almost every hairstylist gets the heebie jeebies when we shampoo your hair and you just stare up at us. CLOSE. YOUR. DAMN. EYES at the shampoo bowl!–picklemetimberzz"

- Toothpaste marketing is a scam."I'm a dentist. Here's the lowdown on toothpaste. As long as it has fluoride they are all basically the same. When I was in dental school the Colgate lady came by and said that everything that says Colgate Total on it is all exactly the same, the only difference is the packaging. So whether it says whitening, or gum protection, or whatever else it is all exactly the same. The exception is sensitivity toothpaste typically does have an extra active ingredient. KNO3, which helps with sensitivity. Don't ever feel obligated to buy the expensive toothpaste because you think it will be better for your teeth, just buy whatever you like best.–therock21"

- Flying a plane isn't rocket science. "Any individual part of flying an airplane isn't difficult, it's 100 small things piling up makes things difficult. As opposed to, say playing the trumpet. Hitting that high note repeatedly is difficult and physically demanding. Landing is easy once you've practiced it a bit, but when it gets difficult you just nope out of there and land somewhere else.–CaptValentine"

- No, the store doesn't have more of an out-of-stock item "in the back" you Karens. "Whenever you tell someone to check in the back of a grocery store they go back there and stand for a few moments and come back out… 99% of the time of its not on the shelf we are out but we know you won't believe us so we go "look" for it so you feel a bit better even though we already knew there was none back there.–-PoorJudgement-"

- HR is looking out for the company, not you. HR exists to fuck you over. "Human Resources: we exist to protect the agency from the employees, not the other way around–TrustworthyEnough"

- There's an easy way to get out of your seemingly ironclad gym membership. "Gym membership contracts don't mean jack shit. Cancel your credit card, or change it to a visa gift card with no balance, and ride off into the fuckin sunset–BigALCasey"



Have things really 'gotten worse'?


Throughout all of history a woman was raped once every minute. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history a child was killed or abused by it's parents every 20 minutes because it annoyed the parents. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history a war has been underway somewhere in the world and the men in those wars did horrific things to other men in each and every one of those wars. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history rich family dynasties took advantage of each race that had less education and different facial features than them. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history women who looked a certain way only went with men who looked a certain way and each used the other for sex and money. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history people have killed other people, every minute, somewhere, for a few dollars suddenly and unexpectedly. You just never had the internet around to tell you about it until now.

Throughout all of history people with dramatic facial expressions and articulation were "influencers" even though they had no qualifications to be so and many of them are stupid. You just never had the internet around to tell shove them in your face until now.

Awful things happen every second of every day because a large percentage of the population are feral, un-socialized humans who have rapid access to drugs and drinks that make them even more so.

Nothing has gotten worse. The internet has just gotten to every person to show them what the real world is like. The world is NOT the life depicted on Leave It To Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, After-School TV shows or Hallmark Channel.



Pandemic Tips:


- Pass these around to friends. The bottom line: You may get it and you can survive it!

  - Wash your hands often and vigorously with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

- Most people are 'committing suicide' by grabbing the doorknobs at the post office, Starbucks and office buildings with their bare hands and/or touching the counters in those places. Every few minutes you can see someone grab one of those surfaces and then wipe their face or scratch their eyes. They just infected themselves. NEVER TOUCH A PUBLIC SURFACE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

- COVID SURVIVES ON MOST SURFACES FOR UP TO 28 DAYS says Stanford University and Mayo Clinic.

- Your genetics, blood type, drug and booze consumption, and other factors, make your more, or less, likely to get killed by it. O Negative blood has the best resistance.

- NEVER TOUCH a: Elevator button, public handrail, door knob, office door grab handle, bar counters, cross-walk button, movie or stadium seat, train seat, airplane seat, bus seat or hand-grab. Insist that the owners of any bank, store, office or public building install automatic, no-contact, doors.

- You can get re-infected over and over. Some people, such as those with AIDS, will get reinfected many times until they either die or build up immunity.

- Each of the infected can redistribute particles in the air, or on surfaces, up to THIRTY feet around them the six foot distance is not going to help you that much.

- Push elevator buttons, and other public buttons, with the tip of your car key instead of your fingers.

- Be wary of "guidance" from some politicians who own insider trading stock market assets in companies that will get up-sided, or down-sided, by the profits from certain "guidance".

- COVID causes blood clots as one of it's many deadly effects. If a single blood clot gets loose in your blood stream and moves to your brain you can have a sudden stroke and die. This is one of the reasons healthy looking people suddenly die.

- There are DIFFERENT tests. The Nose Poker tests is the nasty tube shoved up into your sinuses. The first ones of those did not work. The Blood Draw test is a syringe in your arm. The Finger Prick test is the one that looks for anti-bodies to see if you already had it. The Home Test is like a diabetes test but it is in very early design phase. There are not even remotely enough of any of these tests available for the population. If you have the signs of a Bloom or Cytokine Storm - go to the hospital ER!

- Insist that every jet, train and cruise ship stop operating the moment any infection exceeds 200 people per 1000 in any city.

- Most of the infected show no visible signs of being infected until weeks later. Assume that anyone could be infected and capable of transmission and stay 10+ feet away from others until the CDC advises otherwise. COVID will never be "contained". It is past the saturation point. Everybody may eventually get it:

- Phylogenetic networks and AI databases can track the original source of the virus down to Patient zero. As data comes in from nations around the globe, we will eventually find out where it came from.

- Even though Zoom and other teleconference sites have become popular, they are the single easiest manner to allow hackers to penetrate your computer or phone. Decide if Zoom is really worth letting the whole world see your bank records, dating messages and medical records when the hackers enter through them.

- Stupid people, who are dirty slobs with no ability to consider consequences, will likely be terminated by a pandemic but you must adjust to the fact that some of those around you are unintentionally trying to infect you. Even worse, there are a large number of videos on YouTube and Liveleak of people intentionally spitting on elevator buttons and fruit. Beware of anything in the public venue.

- Any group of people can restart a transmission cycle. Until the government notifies you that the pandemic has reduced to one infection in 500 people, avoid all groups of people. The disease is far more extensive than was first thought:

- If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

- Cruise Lines and Airlines knew there was a pandemic and kept going for profits. Carnaval Cruise lines even says in their contract that they record all of your social media and analyze it with CIA precision. They Knew!: 

- Disease particles can survive on surfaces for WEEKS. Wipe all Amazon plastic delivery envelopes with alcohol before touching them. Never touch a public handrail or public surface. Any public surface can be infected.

- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. The tear ducts in your eyes are rapid entry points for the virus.

- Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Virus particles hang in the air for many minutes so do not walk through an area where coughing or sneezing people are.

- Remdesivir, and other medications, have been proven to treat the disease. If your COVID "blooms" or triggers the "Cytokine Storm" effect you can now be treated and survive. Currently there are not enough doses of the good medicines and manufacturing must be accelerated.

-  Stay home when you are sick, while you are home, clean it properly:

- There are over 30 mutations of the virus and more may develop. ( )There may never be vaccines for all of the mutations in your lifetime. ( ) The best defense may be to get the virus and build up your immunity via antibodies that your body produces.

- Some politicians lied to the public about the effectiveness of masks in order to mask their own failure to order enough masks. H95 masks, when used properly, DO stop the virus IF YOU Never adjust them or touch your face after putting them on and if you clean them overnight with a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide. There are at least 10 things you must know about how to use, and misuse, an H95 Mask. Read ALL of the instructions for them. MASKS DO WORK!

- You have not yet heard all of the data from the Middle East and Africa. Due to the reduced medical resources in those regions, the effects will be awful.

-  Carpenter's mask's offer minimal protection. Only H95 masks are effective. Anything that stops microscopic particles from reaching your skin, your lungs and your ducts is good as long as it does not restrict your breathing.

- You can survive a full infection if you are in good health, well nourished and stay hydrated.  Watch for reinfection.

- Covid kills via suffocation and heart failure. The lungs and the heart muscles are destroyed in severe Phase 3 cases. Baain damage occurs in a number of the severe cases.

- The virus can hang in the air for a significant period of time. If a group of people are walking towards you, cross the street so you do not inhale their coughs and sneezes.

- When you are shopping, wear an H95 mask and rubber gloves and throw the gloves away afterwards. The virus can live on product containers for days, so wipe products with alcohol wipes. An infected clerk can re-spread the virus.

- Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.

- The previous Ebola Crisis, The Bird Flu Crisis and the SARS crisis gave adequate notice of the need for H95 masks and other PPE. Some nations did not heed the advice and did not order enough supplies for their populations.

- Stop drinking alcoholic drinks, they reduce your immune system.

- "Moon-shot"-type national manufacturing programs must always be ready for such pandemics.

- Certain politicians own stocks in China and are financed by China and those politicians held up some of the out-reach because they wanted to protect their Chinese stock holdings and financiers.

- For meetings you can drive to a parking lot and back your car into a parking spot. Have the person you are meeting with drive forwards into the next parking spot so that both drivers are right next to each other. Keep all of your windows up and talk via cell phone. Then you are in a protected bubble in your car. If you are dating, both parties should have had an HIV blood test and a COVID antibody blood test before meeting. You can get these tests from any Quest Labs office.

- Don't be too concerned about testing. You can easily get reinfected by COVID and the probe they shove down your nose is not fun. Worry more about getting too close to the infected that do not know they are infected. Testing is for those with full systems at risk of death.

- The disease can be spread via intimate contact with any skin surface. Don't touch things in the public.

- Avoid mass transit, movie and entertainment theaters and crowds.

- Stop smoking or being around smokers. Smoking makes you highly susceptible to death from COVID

- The disease can survive for a number of days on money. Handle cash with care. Soak your pocket change in alcohol and put change given to you by a clerk in a ziplock bag without handling it. Wash your money in hot soapy water and let it dry.

- Write Hollywood movie studios and plead with them, for pubic safety, to release all new films on the web for the protection of audiences. Demand that the studios offer a fair price for single person homes.

- If you know of an elderly person who appears to be alone and sick, please contact them by telephone to check on them.

- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

- While there are no clues showing that the virus is a weapon, there is also no proof that a Mendel ( ) or fruit fly genetic trick ( ) mass harvesting process did not lead to the virus.

-  Remember: "That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger..."

- If you are complaining about the response, ask the following questions: "Who knew the virus was coming? Who didn't cut off the airlines and cruise ships that were bringing it here because the owners of those cruise ships and airlines were their friends? Who didn't order enough H95 masks and gloves? Who didn't test anybody properly at TSA checkpoints? Who gave stimulus money to everyone but the citizens? Why was almost all of the stimulus money use directed by corporate lobbyists with only a tiny % going to the citizens?"

- If you work at a hospital, it is the administrator's fault that you have no protective gear. The hospital industry, in a bid to increase profit, slashed inventory of all supplies. Rather than bulk up after the swine flu, hospitals turned to inventory-tracking software to winnow stocks of protective gear and other supplies, hoping to be able to replenish it as needed.

- You can also blame 3M and the other manufacturers who got bitten during the swine flu, ramping up production only to be left with few buyers when that crisis abated. Many mask and other device makers rebuffed later calls to build back emergency capacity, ceding a chunk of the market to overseas makers and the feds never helped get the factories back to the US.

- The U.S. government focused more on preparing for terrorism than for a pandemic. Despite the severe 2009 flu, the government lacked a permanent budget to buy protective medical gear for its Strategic National Stockpile of supplies for health emergencies.

- The current administration further weakened the safety net as it rejiggered the Health and Human Services Department’s main emergency-preparedness agency, prioritized other threats over pandemics, cut out groups such as one that focused on protective gear and removed a small planned budget to buy respirator masks for the national stockpile, according to former fed officials.



When Google, Facebook And Netflix Tell You That Something Is 'Trending'

When Google, Facebook, Netflix and other big box propaganda outlets tell you that something is 'Trending', it means that some corporate advertiser paid them to say that. Imagine a Kardashian buying click-farm posts, by the million, from China. When Google, Facebook, Netflix and other big box propaganda outlets tell you that something is 'Trending', it means that you must look at that thing, like a mindless tool, because you are an illiterate kind of social sheep sort of person. If you follow things that big corporations tell you that they say are "trending", it proves that you are stupid beyond belief. "Trending" references on websites are paid manipulations to sucker idiots into subliminal digital messaging scams. If you click on anything that says that it is "trending", you have just announced to the world that you are a sucker of unimaginable idiocy. Nothing that is "trending" is a representation of anything valid about actual humans. "Trending" is the most certain sign of big data social AI manipulation that there is. If you have any intelligence or self-respect you will never click on anything that proclaims that it is "trending", "most viewed" or otherwise rated by a corporate advertiser. Google, Facebook, Netflix, Linkedin were financed to become political manipulation tools. Never forget that basic fact about their existence.



These are the steps that the public must demand to strengthen public integrity by eliminating corrupt financial conflicts in Congress.

Congress must be ordered to eliminate both the appearance and the potential for financial conflicts of interest. Americans must be confident that actions taken by public officials are intended to serve the public, and not those officials. These actions counter-act the actions taken by Obama Administration staff and Department of Energy officials in illicit coordination
with U.S. Senators. In other words, we experienced all of the damages from each of the abuse-of-power issues listed below. These are the actions needed to resolve those issues:

- Ban individual stock ownership by Members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, senior congressional staff, federal judges, White House staff and other senior agency officials while in office. Prohibit all government officials from holding or trading stock where its value might be influenced by their agency, department, or actions.

- Apply conflict of interest laws to the President and Vice President through the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, which would require the President and the Vice President to place conflicted assets, including businesses, into a blind trust to be sold off

- Require senior Department of Energy government officials, employees, contractors and White House staff to divest from privately-owned assets that could present conflicts, including large companies like Tesla, Google, Facebook, Sony, Netflix, etc., and commercial real estate.

- Make it a felony to not respond to a filing by a citizen within 48 hours. Former White House and Energy Department staff use 'stone-walling' to intentionally delay responses for a decade, or more.

- Apply ethics rules to all government employees, including unpaid White House staff and advisors.

- Require most executive branch employees to recuse from all issues that might financially benefit themselves or a previous employer or client from the preceding 4 years

- Create conflict-free investment opportunities for federal officials with new investment accounts managed by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board and conflict-free mutual funds. 

- Close and lock the Revolving Door between industry and government and stop tech companies from buying influence in the government or profiting off of the public service of any official. 

- Lifetime ban on lobbying by Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of Congress, federal judges, and Cabinet Secretaries; and, multi-year bans on all other federal employees from lobbying their former office, department, House of Congress, or agency after they leave government service until the end of the Administration, but at least for 2 years ( and at least 6 years for corporate lobbyists)

- Limit the ability of companies to buy influence through former government officials

- Require income disclosures from former senior officials 4 years after federal employment.

- Prohibit companies from immediately hiring or paying any senior government official from an agency, department, or Congressional office recently lobbied by that company

- Prohibit the world’s largest companies, banks, and monopolies (measured by annual revenue or market capitalization) from hiring or paying any former senior government official for 4 years after they leave government service.

- Limit the ability of companies to buy influence through current government employees

- Prohibit current lobbyists from taking government jobs for 2 years after lobbying; 6 years for corporate lobbyists. Public, written waivers where such hiring is in the national interest are allowed for non-corporate lobbyists only.

- Prohibit corporate outlaws like Google, Tesla, Facebook, Linkedin, Netflix, Sony, etc., from working in government
by banning the hiring of top corporate leaders whose companies were caught breaking federal law in the last 6

- Prohibit contractor corruption by blocking federal contractor and licensee employees from working at the agency awarding the contract or license for 4 years

- Ban “Golden Parachutes” that provide corporate bonuses to executives for federal service.

- Publicly expose all influence-peddling in Washington.

- Strengthen and expand the federal definition of a “lobbyist” to include all individuals paid to influence government.

- Create a new “corporate lobbyist” definition to identify individuals paid to influence government on behalf of for-
profit entities and their front-groups.

- Radically expand disclosure of lobbyist activities and influence campaigns by requiring all lobbyists to disclose any
specific bills, policies, and government actions they attempt to influence; any meetings with public officials; and any documents they provide to those officials

- End Influence-Peddling by Foreign Actors such as that which occurred in the ENER1, Severstal, Solyndra and related scandals

- Combat foreign influence in Washington by banning all foreign lobbying.

- End foreign lobbying by Americans by banning American lobbyists from accepting money from foreign governments, foreign individuals, and foreign  companies to influence United States public policy.

- Prohibit current lobbyists from taking government jobs for 2 years after lobbying; 6 years for corporate lobbyists. Public, written waivers where such hiring is in the national interest are allowed for non-corporate lobbyists only.

- End Legalized Lobbyist Bribery and stop lobbyists from trading money for government favors.

- Ban direct political donations from lobbyists to candidates or Members of Congress.

- End lobbyist contingency fees that allow lobbyists to be paid for a guaranteed policy outcome.

- End lobbyist gifts to the executive and legislative branch officials they lobby

- Strengthen Congressional independence from lobbyists and end Washington’s dependence on
lobbyists for "expertise" and information.

- Make congressional service sustainable by transitioning Congressional staff to competitive salaries that track other
federal employees

- Reinstate the nonpartisan Congressional Office of Technology Assessment to provide critical scientific and technological support to Members of Congress.

- Level the playing field between corporate lobbyists and government by taxing excessive lobbying beginning at $500,000 in annual lobbying expenditures, and use the proceeds to help finance Congressional mandated rule-making, fund the National Public Advocate, and finance Congressional support agencies

- De-politicize the rulemaking process and increase transparency of industry efforts to influence federal agencies.

- Require individuals and corporations to disclose funding or editorial conflicts of interest in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.

- Prevent McKinsey-type sham research from undermining the public interest by requiring that studies that present conflicts of interest to undergo independent peer review to be considered in the rule-making process

- Require agencies to justify withdrawn public interest rules via public, written explanations.

- Close loopholes exploited by powerful corporations like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Sony, etc., to block public interest actions.

- Eliminate loopholes that allow corporations, like Tesla and Google, to tilt the rules in their favor and against the public interest.

- Restrict negotiated rule-making to stop industry from delaying or dominating the rule-making process by ending the practice of inviting industry to negotiate rules they have to follow.

- Restrict inter-agency review as a tool for corporate abuse by  banning informal review, establishing a maximum 45-
day review period, and blocking closed -door industry lobbying at the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

- Limit abusive injunctions from rogue judges, like Jackson, et al, by ensuring that only Appeals Courts, not individual District Court judges , can temporarily block agencies from implementing final rules.

- Prevent hostile agencies from sham delays of implementation and enforcement by using the presence of litigation to postpone  the implementation of final rules.

- Empower the public to police agencies for corporate capture.

- Increase the ability of the public to make sure their interests are considered when agencies act

- Create a new Office of the Public Advocate  empowered to assist the public in meaningfully engaging in the rule-making process across the federal government

- Encourage enforcement by allowing private lawsuits from members of the public to hold agencies accountable for failing to complete rules or enforce the law, and to hold corporations accountable for breaking the rules
- Inoculate government agencies against corporate capture such as Google undertook against the White House

- Provide agencies with the tools and resources to implement strong rules that reflect the will of Congress and protect the public.

- Boost agency resources to level the playing field between corporate lobbyists and federal agencies by using the proceeds of the tax on excessive lobbying and the anti-corruption penalty fees to help finance Congress-mandated rule-making and facilitate decisions by agencies that are buried in an avalanche of lobbyist activity

- Reform judicial review to prevent corporations from gaming the courts by requiring courts to presumptively defer to agency interpretations of laws and prohibiting courts from considering sham McKinsey studies and research excluded by agencies from the rule-making process

- Reverse the Congressional Review Act provision banning related rules that prevent agencies from implementing the will of Congress based on Congress’ prior disapproval of a different, narrow rule on a similar topic

- Improve judicial integrity and defend access to justice for all Americans.

- Strengthen Judicial Ethics Requirements.

- Enhance the integrity of the judicial branch by strengthening rules that prevent conflicts of interest.

- Ban individual stock ownership by federal judges.

- Expand rules prohibiting judges from accepting gifts or payments to attend private seminars from private individuals and corporations

- Require ethical behavior by the Supreme Court by directing the Court to follow the Code of Conduct that binds all other federal judges

- Boost the transparency of Federal Courts

- Enhance public insight into the judicial process by increasing information about the process and reducing barriers to accessing information.

- Increase disclosure of non-judicial activity by federal judges by requiring the Judicial Conference to publicly post judges’ financial reports, recusal decisions, and speeches.

- Enhance public access to court activity by mandating that federal appellate courts live-stream, on the web, audio of their proceedings, making case information easily-accessible to the public free of charge, and requiring federal courts to share case assignment data in bulk.

- Eliminate barriers that restrict access to justice to all but the wealthiest individuals and companies. 

- Reduce barriers that prevent individuals from having their case heard in court by restoring pleading standards that make it easier for individuals and businesses that have been harmed to make their case before a judge.

- Encourage diversity on the Federal Bench

- Strengthen the integrity of the judicial branch by increasing the focus on personal and professional diversity of the federal bench.

- Create a single, new, and independent agency dedicated to enforcing federal ethics and anti-corruption laws

- Support stronger ethics and public integrity laws with stronger enforcement.

- Establish the new, independent U.S. Office of Public Integrity, which will strengthen federal ethics enforcement
with new investigative and disciplinary powers

- Investigate potential violations by any individual or entity, including individuals and companies with new subpoena authority

- Enforce the nation’s ethics laws by ordering corrective action, levying civil and administrative penalties, and referring egregious violations to the Justice Department for criminal arrest and enforcement. 

- Receive and investigate ethics complaints from members of the public.

- Absorb the U.S. Office of Government Ethics as a new Government Ethics Division tasked with providing confidential advice to federal employees seeking ethics guidance.

- Consolidate anti-corruption and public integrity oversight over federal officials, including oversight of all agency Inspectors General, all ethics matters for White House staff and agency heads, and all waivers and recusals by senior government officials.

- Remain independent and protected from partisan politics through a single Director operating under strict selection, appointment, and removal criteria.

- Provide easy online access to key government ethics and transparency documents, including financial disclosures; lobbyist registrations; lobbyist disclosures of meetings and materials; and all ethics records, recusals, and waivers.

- Maintain a new government-wide Office of the Public Advocate, which would advocate for the public interest in executive branch rule-making. 

- Enforce federal open records and FOIA requirements by maintaining the central FOIA website and working with the National Archives to require agencies to comply with FOIA.

- Strengthen legislative branch enforcement.

- Expand an independent and empowered ethics office insulated from congressional politics.

- Expand and empower the U.S. Office of Congressional Ethics, which will enforce the nation’s ethics laws in the Congress
 and the entire Legislative Branch, including the U.S. Senate.

- Conduct investigations of potential violations of ethics laws and rules by Members of Congress and staff with new subpoena power

- Refer criminal and civil violations to the Justice Department, the Office of Public Integrity, or other relevant state or federal law enforcement.

- Recommend disciplinary and corrective action to the House and Senate Ethics Committees.

- Boost transparency in government and fix Federal Open Records laws, public official and candidate tax disclosure.

- Disclose basic tax return information for candidates for federal elected office and current elected officials.

- Require the IRS to release tax returns for Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates from the previous 8 years and during each year in federal elected office.

- Require the IRS to release t ax returns for Congressional candidates from the previous 2 years and during each year in federal elected office.

- Require the IRS to release tax returns and other financial information of businesses owned by senior federal officials and
 candidates for federal office

- Require the IRS to release tax filings for nonprofit organizations run by candidates for federal office

- Disclose the Cash behind Washington Advocacy and Lobbying.

- Prevent special interests from using secret donations from corporations and billionaires to influence public policy
 without disclosure

- Require nonprofit organizations to list donors who bankrolled the production of any specific rule-making comment, congressional testimony, or lobbying material, and to reveal whether the donors reviewed or edited the document.

- Require individuals and corporations to disclose funding or editorial conflicts of interest in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.

- Prevent sham research from undermining the public interest by requiring that studies that present conflicts of interest to independent peer review to be considered in the rule-making process.

- Improve the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

- Close the loopholes in our open records laws that allow federal officials to hide tech industry and Silicon Valley oligarch industry influence

- Codify the default presumption of disclosure and affirmatively disclose records of public interest, including meeting agendas; government contracts; salaries; staff diversity; and reports to Congress.

- Require all agencies to use a central FOIA website that is searchable and has downloadable open records databases with
 all open FOIA requests and all records disclosed through FOIA.

- Strengthen FOIA enforcement by limiting FOIA exemptions and loopholes, and by giving the National Archives the authority to overrule agency FOIA decisions and to compel disclosure.

- Extend FOIA to private-sector federal contractors, including private federal prisons and immigration detention centers, and require large federal contractors to disclose political spending

- Make Congress more transparent by ending the corporate lobbyists leg up in the legislative process. The
public deserves to know what Congress is up to and how lobbyists influence legislation.  

- Require all congressional committees to immediately post online more information, including hearings and markup schedules, bill or amendments text, testimonies, documents entered into the hearing record, hearing transcripts, written witness answers, and hearing audio and video recordings.

- Require Members of Congress to post a link to their searchable voting record on their official websites

- Require lobbyists to disclose when they lobby a specific congressional office; specific topics of visit; the official action being requested; and all documents provided to the office during the visit.

Do these seem like common-sense rules that should have already been in place? They are!

These anti-corruption rules have been blocked by your own elected officials because they work for themselves and not you!



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